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Below are just some of the authors you’ll find at Burning Bulb Publishing:
























Rich Bottles Jr.Rich Bottles Jr. – After an unillustrious print journalism career in southwestern Pennsylvania, Rich Bottles Jr. moved to West Virginia at the age of 32 to pursue a career in technical writing.

He spends his free time visiting and hiking at the many state parks in the Mountain State, which is also where he develops the concepts for his novels. He has produced a trilogy of WV-themed “humorrorotica” books, the most recent of which is The Manacled, set in vicinity of the West Virginia Penitentiary. Other books in the series include Lumberjacked and Hellhole West Virginia.

Rich is the author of The Vampire Who Saves Christmas, which is both a novel and a screenplay by Burning Bulb Publishing. Rich is also the author of the short story anthology By.

Rich was a contributing editor on The Big Book of Bizarro, Westward Hoes, and Rise of the Dead anthologies for Burning Bulb Publishing. He also helped create The Tailsman comic book with Gary Lee Vincent and Stuart Brown.

He has also written stories for the anthologies Strange Sex, Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang!, Strange Versus Lovecraft, A Very StrangeHouse ChristmasDavid J. Fairhead Presents Fiends of the Flesh  and many others.

From Strange Versus Lovecraft, Rich’s story Olaus Wormius was also brodcast in audio by Nelson W. Pyles on Episode 204 of The Wicked Library.

Rich Bottles Jr. Novels

Hellhole West Virginia
The Manacled
The Vampire Who Saves Christmas by Rich Bottles Jr.

Rich Bottles Jr. Anthologies

The Big Book of Bizarro
The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection (Kindle Ed.)
By by Rich Bottles Jr.

Rise of the Dead
Westward Hoes

Rich Bottles Jr. Comics

The Tailsman


Michelle BowserMichelle Bowser  grew up an only child in a haunted house, hidden in the middle of the woods. She now sits and ponders the absurdity of people’s behavior on paper. Watch out, she could be lurking anywhere, and she will make fun of anything.

Her novellas, Don’t Yell at the Damn Desk Clerk!, The Hags of Black County, and Nuke Punk are published by Burning Bulb Publishing in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats, read by the author.

She has written short stories that were published in the anthologies Spooky Tales Volume 1 and David J. Fairhead Presents Fiends of the Flesh.

Michelle is also a narrator for Burning Bulb Publishing’s audiobooks division.

The Hags of Black County by Michelle Bowser

Spooky Tales Vol 1


Johnny Daggers was born October 7th, 1974, to John P. Ellenberger and Georgeann Graff, in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, a small rural town located approximately 40 miles east of Pittsburgh. He became obsessed with the macabre at a very early age. At the young age of 4, Johnny recalls his mother finding him alone, crying on the kitchen floor. When she asked “what is wrong?”, Johnny sullenly replied, “I only have 70 years of life left to live”. Yes, by the age of 4, Johnny had already begun questioning his own mortality.

This fascination with death only continued to grow the older Johnny got. He frequently and openly discusses his personal experiences with ghosts. By the age of 12, Johnny began to log his encounters in notebooks, and it was around this time that he began to undertake writing as a passion. Much of his early writings still exist in these personal notebooks that somehow managed to survive the past thirty some years. Perhaps we will see a collection of past and present work as an official anthology in the future?

Neverlasting is Johnny’s debut book from Burning Bulb Publishing.


David FairheadDavid J. Fairhead  was first published in The Big Book of Bizarro with his demonic apocalyptic tale, The Fall.  

David’s short story Demoneye appears in Westward HoesDemoneye was also adapted into a comic book with Gary Lee Vincent and Little Sun.

His short story The Commune can be found in Rise of the Dead.

David’s current novel The Fall of Tomorrow is based on his The Big Book of Bizarro short story and is also published by Burning Bulb Publishing.  His website is www.fairlydarkproductions.com. He also has an anthology of eleven short stories called Dwelling in the Dark and contributing editor of David J. Fairhead Presents Fiends of the Flesh.

David has also written a novel titled CHARLIE: A Child’s Tale of Terror.

He is also the writer of the comic book series WZWA (World Zombie Wrestling Association) in association with Dr. Jon Towers and Stigmata Studios.

David is currently host of the radio podcast show, KETTLE WHISTLE RADIO, working with co-host Heather Taddy of A&E’s Paranormal State fame, where they talk horror, comics, and music.  They also interview writers, directors, actors and many musicians of all genres.  Check them out on Facebook under Kettle Whistle Radio or at SOCIETY-13.COM.   David co-founded the podcast network SOCIETY 13 NETWORK with horror author Nelson W. Pyles of THE WICKED LIBRARY.   There are four shows that broadcast weekly.   You can find David J. Fairhead at KETTLEWHISTLERADIO@GMAIL.COM, via KETTLE WHISTLE RADIO on Facebook, and on  Twitter @Fairlydark as well.   David grew up on Long Island but currently resides in the zombie capital of Pittsburgh with his wife Denise and their beloved dogs Teddy and Jett.

The Fall of Tomorrow by David J. Fairhead
The Big Book of Bizarro
The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection (Kindle Ed.)

Rise of the Dead
Westward Hoes


Bob GrayBob Gray – Charismatic and engaging funny man Bob Gray was raised in Mentor, Ohio by parents Robert and Helen Gray (deceased). The oldest of three, Bob was always entertaining classmates and performing in as many stage productions as possible. It was during his days at Mentor High School that he really began to get interested in television. While working in the school’s television station Bob began to develop his skills as a director and as a performer in front of the camera. Shortly after graduation Bob took a flier and moved to Clearwater, Florida where he took a job as an audio operator for a little known station called “The Home Shopping Channel”. Six months later sales were so big they began broadcasting nationally as “The Home Shopping Network”. Bob was part of the networks first broadcast crew at 19 years old. In 1986 Bob got wind of a new shopping network opening soon outside of Philadelphia. So he packed his bags and headed to the QVC Network. At 20 years old he was directing his second network. In 1989 at the age of only 23, he was offered a director’s position at the Financial News Network in Los Angeles, CA. The opportunity to work in Hollywood was too much to resist. So he bolted to the coast. In between directing jobs Bob would dabble with acting, taking work in low budget films and in television shows. After 14 years of never getting his big break Bob decided to move back to Ohio and self-produce his feature film “Bigfoot”. He figured that if Hollywood wasn’t going to make him a star he would do it himself. And so far it’s starting to work. “Bigfoot” has won film festivals all over the country and Bob garnered the “Best Supporting Actor” award at the Long Island International Film Expo. He resides in Los Angeles.

Bob’s latest screenplay, Attack of the Melonheadswas picked up by Burning Bulb Publishing as a novelization project between Bob, Solon Tsangaras and Gary Lee Vincent.

Attack of the Melonheads by Bob Gray, Solon Tsangaras and Gary Lee Vincent


Jason Guinn Jason Guinn is a black humorist, a master of the macabre, and an excellent bowler. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and daughter. When he’s not concocting tales to terrify the masses, he works in the equally horrifying world of finance. His current release, The Wretched, is the first book in The Lucifer Chronicles. His short story, The Fallen, as also available for Kindle on amazon.

You can learn more about Jason at his blog:

Also, check out The Wretched soundtrack here:

The Wretched by Jason Guinn
The Fallen b Jason Guinn


Josh Hancock is a teacher, author, and documentary filmmaker. His two non-fiction films, Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders Part I and Part II, reignited interest in one of Northern California’s most bizarre unsolved murders.

His first novel through Burning Bulb Publishing, The Girls of October, is inspired by his love of all things horror–especially John Carpenter’s Halloween, Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and William Friedkin’s The Exorcist.

Josh’s follow-up novel, The Devil and my Daughter, tells a horrific story of the occult, Satanic possession, and ritual murder, and Josh’s latest novel, Death Rituals will have you never looking at a haunted house the same way again!

You can learn more about Josh’s projects at please visit his website at www.FoundFootageFiction.com.

The Girls of October by Josh Hancock
Death Rituals by Josh Hancock


Jason Heroux

Jason Heroux is the author of three poetry collections, Memoirs of an Alias, Emergency Hallelujah, and Natural Capital, and the novella Good Evening, Central Laundromat (shortlisted for the 2011 ReLit Award). His poetry has appeared in chapbooks and magazines in Canada, the US, Belgium, France, and Italy, and was featured in the anthology Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets. He lives in Kingston, Ontario.

His novella We Wish  You A Happy Killday is published by Burning Bulb Publishing.

We Wish You A Happy Killday by Jason Heroux


Nicholas Knight

Nicholas Knight was born Sean Delorie in 1972 and was raised in Sterling, Virginia. He was always drawn to the creative arts, and never had much of an aptitude for the academics. Nicholas was blessed with a wild imagination. Following a painful divorce, he began putting his inner torment and agony into writing and acting. His books tend to carry elements of religion, politics, horror, superhero and supernatural fantasy, and erotic romance. He has also attempted to write and illustrate children’s books.

His NIGHTSHADE series is comprised of three books: Dawn’s Tale and Dark Fugitive and Moon River.

Nicholas is drawn to the darkness, as an artist, primarily due to his soul being repeatedly crushed by rejection and his world being damaged by endless affliction. His life has not been an easy road, but his debilitating fear of his own mortality, his deep love for his daughter, and his desire to not be forgotten, keep him pushing forward, despite the obstacles and heartaches that consistently fall into his lap. Tormented with fraudulent passion and callous betrayal, he would use his endless suffering to mold himself into a stronger entertainer. Nicholas hopes that his ship will finally come in, and that these acting opportunities will inevitably result in launching a career. His dream is to make something of his writing, either for print or for the screen. He believes in himself, and feels confident in his storytelling ability.

Nicholas is a doting father of a daughter named Harley. Nicholas is an exceptional actor and a brilliant writer, and continues to pursue these two endeavors for his daughter more than for himself. It’s been a real struggle, but he is determined to keep trying. He tries to use whatever money he makes to pay the bills and make his visitations with Harley as memorable as possible. His dream is to be financially independent, where he can take care of himself and his daughter. He genuinely appreciates your support and hopes you enjoy his work both on the printed page and on the big screen. His actor profile can be viewed at www.imdb.me/nicholasknight.

Dawn's Tale by Nicholas Knight
Moon River by Nicholas Knight


J. S. LawheadJ.S. Lawhead  is a child of the mystic Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee; where magick and logick often collide behind shadows left by the Einherjar, ghosts rise above the waters and mists to further dull the grey air, and the fabric that separates life and death between dreams is camouflaged as the seasonal mountain canopy of nature. It is an excellent environment to foster the concepts explored in his anthology Vulgarity for the Masses published by Burning Bulb Publishing.  Jeff’s short story The McCarter House was published online by CreepyPasta.com. His short story Only His Blood Remained was published online by Reddit No Sleep.

He is a practicing Lutheran, lives with a wife and a moderately extended family, dives off the deep end to get shit done and occasionally releases music under the name 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier. Born in 1984 and completely ignorant of his blood type.

Vulgarity For The Masses


Joey MadiaJoey Madia – Joey Madia is the author of the fantasy novel Jester-Knight (New Mystics Enterprises, 2009), four books on using drama and creative writing in the classroom, and many poems, short stories, essays, and scholarly articles.

He is the Founding Editor of newmystics.com, an on-line literary and art site, and the Artistic Director/Resident Playwright of Seven Stories Theatre Company.

Joey is the creative force behind Minor Confessions of an Angel Falling Upward by Planner Forthright, published by Burning Bulb Publishing.

Minor Confessions of an Angel Falling Upward
 Jester-Knight: Book One of the Ambir Dragon Tales Jester-Knight: Book One of the Ambir Dragon Tales by Joey Madia


Kelly R. MartinKelly R. Martin  was born in Rockford, Illinois in April, 1967, the year of the summer of love.

He attended the University of Illinois in the fall of 1985 where he studied Aviation, History, Literature, Astronomy, Classical Civilization, and finally ended up with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Rhetoric from the U of I college of Liberal Arts and Sciences in May 1990.

Kelly’s short story Nothing Really Satisfies appears in The Big Book of Bizarro and his short story The Man With Too Many Names appears in Westward Hoes.

Kelly is the founder of Myth/Logic Press – a Burning Bulb affiliate publisher – and authored the novels The Lucky Cricket: Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn Book 1 and Thomas the Poisoner Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn Book 2 under that imprint.

He lives with his wife Merly and daughter Moira.

The Big Book of Bizarro
The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection (Kindle Ed.)
Westward Hoes
The Lucky Cricket

Thomas the Poisoner


Nelson W. PylesNelson W. Pyles  is a novelist and author of several short stories.  Both his latest novel, Spiders in the Daffodils and his short story collection, Everything Here is a Nightmare are published by Burning Bulb Publishing.  His first novel, Demons, Dolls, & Milkshakes is also available from Burning Bulb Publishing.

Nelson is also the creator, executive producer and former host of the popular “The Wicked Library.”

He was discovered by Burning Bulb Publishing for his short story contribution, Decorations, which appears in The Big Book of Bizarro.  A year later, his story Just Enough Rope made it in  Westward Hoes. His short story The Turbulent Flight Home appears in Rise of the Dead. and has continued on writing in David J. Fairhead Presents Fiends of the Flesh anthology.  He is proud to be a member of the extended Burning Bulb Publishing family.

The Big Book of Bizarro
The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection (Kindle Ed.)
Demons, Dolls, and Milkshakes
Everything Here Is A Nightmare by Nelson W. Pyles

Rise of the Dead
Spiders in the Daffodils by Nelson W. Pyles
Westward Hoes


Andy RauschAndy Rausch – Andy Rausch is a freelance journalist, celebrity interviewer, and film critic. He is the author or co-author of nearly twenty books on the subject of popular culture. These include Making Movies with Orson Welles, The Films of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, and The Wit and Wisdom of Stephen King. He is also the author of the novels Mad World, and Bloodletting: A Tale of Revenge, and Elvis Presley, CIA Assassin is published by Burning Bulb Publishing.  His short story collections Death Rattles and Crazy-Ass Stories for Crazy-Ass People are published by Burning Bulb Publishing. Andy was also a contributing editor on the Burning Bulb hit anthology Rise of the Dead.

Andy has also worked as an actor, film producer, composer, casting director, and as the screenwriter of the cult film Dahmer vs. Gacy. He is a regular contributor to Screem magazine, and his work has appeared in such publications and online journals as Film Threat, Shock Cinema, and Bright Lights Film Journal. He resides in Parsons, Kansas.

Bloodletting: A Tale of Revenge
Elvis Presley, CIA Assassin by Andy Rausch

Mad World
Rise of the Dead


Walter RheinWalter Rhein maintains a web page about travel, musings on writing, and other things at StreetsOfLima.com. His novels with Perseid Press include The Reader of Acheron, The Literate Thief, and Reckless Traveler. His novel The Bone Sword is published with Harren Press, and his novel Beyond Birkie Fever was originally published with Rhemalda Publishing. His most recent novel, Paperclipis co-authored with Dan Woll and published by Burning Bulb Publishing. He currently splits his time between the US and Peru, and can be reached for questions or comments at WalterRhein@gmail.com.


John RussoJohn Russo – With twenty books published internationally and nineteen feature movies in worldwide distribution, John Russo has been called a “living legend.” He began by co-authoring the screenplay for Night of the Living Dead, which has become recognized as a “horror classic.” His books on the art and craft of movie making, such as How to Make Exciting Money Making Movies,  have become bibles of independent production. Quentin Tarantino and many other noted filmmakers have stated that Russo’s books helped them launch their careers.

John Russo wants people to know he’s “just a nice guy who likes to scare people” — and he’s done it with novels and films such as Return of the Living Dead, Midnight, The Majorettes, and Heartstopper. He has had a long, rewarding career, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Recently his screenplay for Escape of the Living Dead was made into a five-part comic book released by Avatar to great acclaim; it made the Top Ten of Horror Comics nationally and spawned two graphic novels and ten sequels.

Russo’s novels The Academy, The Awakening, The Booby HatchDealey Plaza, Limb to LimbLiving Things, and Night of the Living Dead are published by Burning Bulb Publishing. His short story Channel 666 appears in The Big Book of Bizarro also by Burning Bulb Publishing. John was also a contributing editor on the Burning Bulb hit anthology Rise of the Dead. John also co-wrote the novel Belly Timber with fellow Burning Bulb authors Gary Lee Vincent and Solon Tsangaras.

He is also slated to direct two movies: a remake of his cult hit, MIDNIGHT, and a brand new take on the “zombie phenomenon” entitled SPAWN OF THE DEAD.

His popularity among genre fans remains at a high pitch. He appears at many movie conventions each year as a featured guest, and he considers his appearance at the Orion Festival, hosted by Kirk Hammett and METALLICA, one of the highlights of his career.


The Booby Hatch
The Majorettes

Midnight 2
Night of the Living Dead (1990)


The Academy
The Booby Hatch
Dealey Plaza

How to Make Exciting Money-Making Movies by John Russo
Limb to Limb
Living Things
Night of the Living Dead

The Big Book of Bizarro
The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection (Kindle Ed.)
Rise of the Dead


Daniel SellersDaniel Sellers – Daniel Sellers lives in Holt, MI with his family. He spends most of his free time in his basement writing down his nightmares.

His latest novella The Abandoned Soul is published by Burning Bulb Publishing.

The Abandoned Soul by Daniel Sellers


Madeleine SwannMadeleine Swann – Madeleine Swann has had articles in magazines including Bizarre and The Dark Side, ranging in subject from church restorations to toe wrestling championships.

Her latest novel, The Filing Cabinet of Doom, is published by Burning Bulb Publishing.

She writes from her home in deepest, darkest Essex and has surreal comedy and horror in American Nightmare, Polluto magazine (issue 10), LegumeMan Books, Black Petal magazine, The Strange Edge and Bizarro Central. She also has erotica published on the Forbidden Fiction website, The Darker Edge of Desire anthology and her short story The Gathering was published in the The Big Book of Bizarro by Burning Bulb Publishing.

Maddie blogs at: http://madeleineswann.wordpress.com/ and on Twitter @madeleineswann.

The Filing Cabinet of Doom by Madeleine Swann


Solon Tsangaras

Solon Tsangaras was born and raised in Queens, N.Y., where he first took up playing guitar, and then bass, being involved with many bands throughout the 70’s and 80’s. He majored in English and Communications, then went on to study Police Science, but went back to the music scene.

He moved to Long Island in the late 80’s, where he became involved with one of Long Island’s top bands, Uncle Fester. Uncle Fester played the Long Island music scene for over 20 years, and has produced one c.d., Sofa Kingdom. He’s been in several movies, as well as theater productions, and works with several writers and movie makers. In the film Belly Timber he plays Oscar the Berserker.

Solon co-authored the novel of Belly Timber with Burning Bulb authors Gary Lee Vincent and John Russo.   His novel Detour to Armageddon is also published by Burning Bulb Publishing. Solon’s latest project was adapting Bob Gray’s screenplay, Attack of the Melonheads, into a full-length novel, which he did with Gary Lee Vincent.  His short story “Cat Tales” appears in the anthology David J. Fairhead Presents Fiends of the Flesh.

Attack of the Melonheads by Bob Gray, Solon Tsangaras and Gary Lee Vincent
Detour To Armageddon by Solon Tsangaras


Gary Lee VincentGary Lee Vincent – Gary is an accomplished author, director, actor, musician and entrepreneur. In 2009, he founded Burning Bulb Publishing to help promote up-and-coming authors. He has starred in over sixty feature films including My Uncle John is a Zombie!, Killer Campout, SKB, Wrestlemassacre, Harvest of Horrors, John Light, and eight television series, including, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, House of Cards and many others.  He has directed the feature film A Promise to Astrid and was co-director on the feature film John Light.

Gary co-authored the novel for Belly Timber with Burning Bulb authors Solon Tsangaras and John Russo.

In 2010, his horror novel Darkened Hills was selected as Book of the Year Winner by ForeWord Reviews Magazine and became the pilot novel for DARKENED – THE WEST VIRGINIA VAMPIRE SERIES, which includes the follow-up books Darkened Hollows, Darkened Waters, Darkened Souls, Darkened Minds, and Darkened Destinies. More information on this series can be found at www.DarkenedHills.com.  

Gary is the author of the werewolf/bizarro thriller Passageway and he also worked on the novelization of the movie Attack of the Melonheads with Solon Tsangaras and the film’s screenwriter, Bob Gray.

Gary was a contributing editor on The Big Book of BizarroWestward Hoes and Rise of the Dead anthologies.  He also developed two comic books,  The Tailsman (with Rich Bottles Jr. and Stuart J. Brown) and Demoneye (with David J. Fairhead and Little Sun), both based on short stores from Westward Hoes.


The DARKENED Trilogy (Books 1-3)

Darkened Hills
Darkened Hollows by Gary Lee Vincent
Darkened Waters

The MOTHER OF DARKNESS Trilogy (Books 4-6)

Darkened Souls
Darkened Minds by Gary Lee Vincent
Darkened Destinies by Gary Lee Vincent

Westword Hoes Series

Westward Hoes
The Tailsman

Also by Gary Lee Vincent

Attack of the Melonheads by Bob Gray, Solon Tsangaras and Gary Lee Vincent
The Big Book of Bizarro
The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection (Kindle Ed.)

Passageway by Gary Lee Vincent
Rise of the Dead

Gary holds collegiate degrees in Business Administration Management, Psychology, Computer Information Systems and is certified in Configuration Management. His non-fiction works include Agelations™ – Unlocking the Secret Strategies of the Rich to Help You Succeed in Business and in Life book and home study courses that he co-authored with George Cunningham as well as the IT textbook Configuration Management and the memoir The Winner, The Loser: The Story of My Life At 21.

Configuration Management
The Winner, The Loser: The Story of My Life At 21


Wol-vrieyWol-vriey – Wol-vriey is Nigerian and quite tall. He currently resides in a state of uneasy stalemate with his threatening-to-thin-beyond-redemption hair, and believes there actually are things that go bump in the night. Wol-vriey recycles the ridiculous into reasonable reality for the reader.

His WEIRRRD philosophy? WEIRRRD = Warp/Write Everything into Realistic Ridiculous Readable Distorted Dream Dimension Descriptions.

Wol-vriey is the author of the BRAINCHEW series of horror novels: Brainchew and Brainchew 2: Out of Their Heads.

Wol-vriey is the author of the BUD MALONE SERIES of bizarro detective novels: (Boston Posh (#1), Boston Corpse (#2) and Boston Lust (#3)).

He also penned Bizarro 101, BrutalDr. Orgasm, Evil, Girls Are Not SmilingHell Dancer, Melanie Nemesis Catchpole, Mr. Ugly, Pussy TransmissionVagina MundiVegan Zombie Apocalypse, and Vegan Vampire Vaginas published by Burning Bulb Publishing.

His stories: The Bizarro Story of I,  Alice’s Adventures in Steamland: The Clockwork GoddessChainsaw Cop Corpse, Meat Suitcase and Guiltessa Dolores are published by other imprints.

His short story Forever Ago Sunshine appears in The Big Book of Bizarro and his novella Big Trouble In Little Ass appears as a standalone eBook as well as in print as part of the Westward Hoes anthology, also by Burning Bulb Publishing.

Brainchew Series

Brainchew by Wol-vriey

Bud Malone Series

Boston Posh by Wol-vriey
Boston Corpse by Wol-vriey
Boston Lust by Wol-vriey

Also by Wol-vriey

Big Trouble In Little Ass: A Novella by Wol-vriey - Download the eBook today for only $0.99!
Bizarro 101 by Wol-vriey
Brutal by Wol-vriey
Daria: An Erotic Nightmare by Wol-vriey

Dr. Orgasm by Wol-vriey
Girls Are Not Smiling by Wol-vriey
Hell Dancer

Pussy Transmission by Wol-vriey
Vagina Mundi
Vegan Vampire Vaginas by Wol-vriey
Vegan Zombie Apocalypse

The Big Book of Bizarro
The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection (Kindle Ed.)
Westward Hoes

Dan Woll

Dan Woll

Dan Woll is a retired public school teacher, principal and superintendent. His worldview is informed by a sink or swim rookie teaching experience in an inner city school, extensive mountaineering adventures, including an early technical ascent of El Capitan, and life in small-town Wisconsin. He lives in River Falls, Wisconsin with his wife, Beth and his furry muse, Emmett, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Dan and Beth have three grown daughters.

He is the author of North of Highway 8, Further, and co-author of Death on Cache Lake. He also collaborates with daughter Shelley on her children’s Sarah Saves series.  His most recent novel, Paperclipis co-authored with Walter Rhein published by Burning Bulb Publishing.


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