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Bizarro Anthologies

According to Wikipedia, “Bizarro fiction is a contemporary literary genre, which often uses elements of absurdism, satire, and the grotesque, along with pop-surrealism and genre fiction staples, in order to create subversive works that are as weird and entertaining as possible.”

For your reading pleasure, we introduce our lineup of Bizarro short story anthologies:

The Big Book of Bizarro
The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection (Kindle Ed.)
The Big Book of Bizarro Sci-Fi & Fantasy Collection (Kindle Ed.)
The Big Book of Bizarro Erotica Collection (Kindle Ed.)


Bizarro 101 by Wol-vriey
By by Rich Bottles Jr.
The Filing Cabinet of Doom by Madeleine Swann
Flamingos in the Ashtray: 25 Bizarro Short Stories by Zoltan Komar


Vulgarity For The Masses by J.S. Lawhead
Westward Hoes



The Big Book of BizarroThe Big Book of Bizarro
Edited by Rich Bottles Jr. & Gary Lee Vincent

“Salacious – Sacrilegious – Scatalogical – Scotomizing – Strange!”

The Big Book of Bizarro Mid Atlantic Press Release

The Big Book of Bizarro brings together the peculiar prose of an international cast of the most grotesquely-gonzo, genre-grinding modern writers who ever put pen to paper (or mouse to pad), including:

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD horror writers John Russo & George Kosana

HUSTLER MAGAZINE erotica contributors Eva Hore, Andrée Lachapelle, & J. Troy Seate and

Established Bizarro genre authors D. Harlan Wilson, William Pauley III, Wol-vriey, Laird Long, Richard Godwin and so many more!

From Alien abductions to Zombie sex, The Big Book of Bizarro contains OVER FIFTY STORIES of the most outrélandish transgressive fiction that you’ll ever lay your capricious and curious hands upon!

WARNING: This book may be one of the most controversial and dangerous books you’ll ever read.

The stories in The Big Book of Bizarro include:

The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection (Kindle Ed.)HORROR

Daniel In The Lion’s Den by Kai Miro
Wet by Mark Gallagher
The Whore of the Dartmoor by Rich Bottles Jr.
The Fall by David J. Fairhead
Glory Holes by Gary Lee Vincent
Channel 666 by John Russo
Forever Ago Sunshine by Wol-vriey Jesuto
Honey-do by Nikko Lee
Every Bite by Matt Smallwood
Nothing Really Satisfies by Kelly R. Martin
Decorations by Nelson W. Pyles
Karnivali by Jesse J. Saxon
Front Page by Michael A. Migliore
Into The Night by Heather Lin
Hades on Ice by Kimberly Bennett
His Own Worst Enemy by Laird Long
Writer’s Block by Ryan J. McBriar
Every by Charlie Kirby
City of the Dead by Clare de Lune
Want by Meself John



The Big Book of Bizarro Sci-Fi & Fantasy Collection (Kindle Ed.)SCI-FI & FANTASY

Alien Apocalypse by Zmortis
Saved by Thomas Fuchs
Pearl by Scott Emerson
Worms by George R. Galuschak
In Cocoon, I am Embryo by Kenzie Mathews
The Only One To Save by Derek Tabor
Scotomization by D. Harlan Wilson
False Idols by Sean Martin
I’m Going To The Moon by Christy Leigh Stewart
Diethylamide by Michael C. Thompson
Their Quiet, Bookish Life by Chadwick H. Saxelid
Gloriana by Angela Caperton
Bleedin’ Hearts by Salvatore Buttaci
The Image of the Lord by Jon Judy
Punch and Jesus by Anonymous Christian
Jumpers by Michael Bracken
Nude Sushi with a Twist by Keith Dugger
Talking Heads by Nicole E. Peffer
BOOM CLICK CLICK by William Pauley III
Succor the Child by Mercy Loomis
She Who Cleans: A Dung Sticker’s Shitty Tale by A.D. Spencer
Tiffany’s!! It’s Get Even Time!! by George Kosana
Cotton Mouth by Christopher Danaher
InBox by Brennon ThompSon
Losing Control by R. Scott Steele


One Hell of a Band by J.T. Seate
Lester’s Ominous Gift by Eva Hore
The Gathering by Madeleine Swann
Womb With a View by Reina Sobin
Love Bites by Andrée Lachapelle
Pomegranate Moth by Richard Godwin
Sonata for Insects and Violins by Peter Baltensperger
Frosty by Alice Jacobs
Fun House by Kimber Vale
Butterfly Kisses by Duncan Meece
Sexual Madness by Rose de Fer
Terra Cupidus by Robin Tiergarten

Bizarro 101 by Wol-vrieyBizarro 101 (A Basic Primer):
37 Flash Fiction Stories by Wol-vriey

“This primer is the very essence of any and all styles and types of Bizarro writing. Wol-vriey collects, distills, and bottles up these 37 tiny stories for your sensory enjoyment. This is an absolute must-read for anyone new to the genre, because it demonstrates the scope of what Bizarro is, and what it can be.”

–Teresa Pollack, Bizarro commentator and blogger

Welcome to the strange place:

A collection of 37 flash fiction stories designed to introduce one to the Bizarro/New Weird Genre.

Weird, dreamy, nightmarish, absurd, sad, surreal, humorous . . . this collection of tales is all this and more.

Welcome once again to the strange place, everyone . . . the very strange place.

Stories include:

  • The Original
  • Penisthumb
  • Love + Lust in Brazil
  • Teething Troubles
  • Jackie Chan Angel
  • Ears are for Hearing
  • Evil Beef Factory
  • Angie Stone’s Revival
  • Lesbian in my Pocket
  • Void
  • Can’t See For The Rain
  • Identia
  • The Morning After
  • Ahmed Apple Attacks America!
  • The Grass
  • A Day at the Racists
  • Behind Every Successful Woman
  • Okay! Okay!!
  • For Ze Love of Rosa (A Legend of Bizarro Mexico)
  • Ring Ring
  • Shrink Me
  • Good Medicine
  • Liquid Husband
  • The East Side of the House
  • In Reverso
  • Entertaining Spider
  • Number One
  • Señor Ogre (A Legend of Bizarro Mexico)
  • Die, You Fluffy Sonofabitch!
  • Soft Silky Skin
  • Venice
  • God’s Refrigerator
  • 2012: The Alien Egg
  • Retro Race Relations Rumble
  • The Lionesses and The Hyena
  • The Secret Life of Drawers
  • The Devil in Utopia

By by Rich Bottles Jr.“By” by Rich Bottles Jr.

“Rich is one of the most entertaining authors ever…” –Zakary McGaha, author of Park Masters

Reader Advisory:

Be forewarned that the graphic sex and violence described in this book of bizarre short stories may provoke psychological or emotional triggers for some unstable or weak-minded readers including, but not limited to, the following extreme content:

Rape, Torture, Murder, Mayhem, Kidnapping, Cannibalism, Necrophilia, Poisoning, Prostitution, Pornography, Nazis, War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing, Terrorism, Incarceration, Bondage & Discipline, Sadomasochism, Corporal Punishment, Foot Fetishism, Masturbation, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Eating Disorders, Domestic Violence, Mental Illness, Suicide, Drowning, Religious Intolerance, The Occult, Adult Language, Homosexuality, Sodomy, Unwanted Pregnancy, Amputees, Adultery, Incest, Shoplifting, Bukkake, Penis Envy, Cigarette Smoking, and Heavy Metal Music.

Stories include:

  • Bitter Night (a.k.a. Bitte Nicht)
  • There’s No Place Like The Sanatorium
  • Exciter
  • Hamster and Gretel
  • Unarmed and Dangerous
  • A Town Called Rupture


The Filing Cabinet of Doom by Madeleine SwannThe Filing Cabinet of Doom: 17 Bizarro Short Stories by Madeleine Swann


It’s a surreal comedy set in a black and white world where people communicate via speech bubbles and no sound exists. During a visit by a traveling carnival a psychic informs a village that the world will end soon. Three people make their way to the Head Office of the Council – a distant and dangerous place – to find out what’s going on while the psychic stays behind to face the wrath of the villagers.

In addition to the novella bearing the collection’s title, this book is JAM PACKED with sixteen BONUS short stories of the bizarre for your perusal, including:

Amongst the Dust and the Mice
Care For a Dance?
Dimension Lake
Feathers and Fame
Girl in the Picture
I Can See You
Invite Ghosts and Earn Pounds
My Own Real Doll
One Phone Call Away
Son, I’m Afraid I’m a Zombie
The Annual Essex Medical Convention
The Blue Seashell
The Marzipan King is a Dick
The Problem Rock
Time Tastic Tours
We Interrupt With This Message

Flamingos in the Ashtray: 25 Bizarro Short Stories by Zoltan KomarFlamingos in the Ashtray: 25 Bizarro Short Stories
by Zoltán Komor

Surreal. Savage. And cinematic. Flamingos in the Ashtray is the collection of some truly weird stories by Zoltán Komor, a young Hungarian author, who lately began to translate his works into English and has published them in several literary magazines.
Discover a world, where everything is possible:

A young man while sipping his tea in the morning, finds a small, two inch long naked female corpse on the bottom of the cup, becomes a killer suspect, and later a judge reads out his verdict from the tea leaves.

A girl gets raped by a hunter, and later gives birth to a wounded deer with bullets in its body that she then has to protect from her hungry parents.

A boy’s head turns into microphone, so when his girlfriend whispers her secrets into his ear, her words echoes through the city.

In this strange world, an old veteran discovers tiny enemy soldiers in the sugar bowl, and the dentist has a small garden where he plants the pulled out teeth like they were seeds and plastic horses grown from them, which he can sell for funfairs. (The only problem is, when children ride these painted steeds, their small teeth begin to rot with every round.)

Strange events take place in the author’s homeland too, where evil horses from the sky terrorizes the people of a small Hungarian village, and an old witch turns into a pork on a pig slaughter after putting the dead animal’s teeth into her mouth.

Moving to foreign lands, some weird western pushes the book slightly into dark pulp territory. Meet Necrosheriff, the decaying corpse, shooting scavenger beetles from his gun; an old phonograph regurgitates burial-music, as he rides into the sunset – girls begin to shake from pleasure from seeing the never wilting cadaveric rigidness. Or meet the fat Chickenbone Mary, who decides to build herself a husband from chicken bones.

And also, there’s the shoeshine boy from the title giving story, who tries to make a living by stealing his clients feet in a mad, dystopian city, where poor people are fed by a helicopter with the dead animals from the zoo, the strippers are so despaired, that they even take of their flesh and the devil rides a bus with electric chairs.

So take a seat. Otherwise you are blocking the drivers view.

Vulgarity For The MassesVulgarity for the Masses
by J.S. Lawhead

A whole history of madness and struggle lie ahead for the disfigured children of Adam in this collection of nine tales from J.S. Lawhead.

Stories include:

The Whale Story – Well-intentioned, apocalyptic adventurer Meteo Xavier seeks the rare Blue Whale and ends up fighting for his life in a litigious, courtroom battle that threatens to annihilate the human condition as we know it.

On a Sunday Afternoon, This Happened – A crack-addicted, alcoholic, pothead on the rag tries to rob two banks on Sunday and defies the gods, the universe, the laws of nature regarding drug use and teleportation, a rival crook, and a large guardian sphincter on his quest to repay a drug debt to a holiday icon.

Aurora Terminus – A horrible tragedy marks the symbolic end of the British Empire for two aristocratic men (animals, actually) as their friend is betrayed and murdered by Lady Britannia herself; forcing the two to take revenge for what’s left of their country’s dignity and the pride of being British. (Inspired by Genesis’ Selling England By the Pound)

The Wisdom of My Father – A first-person memoir of the narrator’s father and the usual father-son adventures through life that all of us go through – like getting gang-raped in Atlanta, building a guitar out of a fish, taking the heat for a Mexican drug deal gone bad and exploding your bowels on live TV.

The White Screamer (Three Incidents) – Across the generations in Tennessee, an unfathomable evil grows stronger as it absorbs innocent men and women in an eternal, soul-thirsty mission to cleanse the lands and history from the white man’s influence.

The Book of the Three Little Pigs (Bible Version) – Exactly what it says it is.

HOPEBLISS – A two-headed boy meets a woman with no head (and unprovoked antagonism against Jesus for some reason) and offers to exchange heads with her so she can go about her life, but the results become disastrous and incomprehensible.

Ouroborus – A bizarre, ancient phenomenon grips the mountains of Tennessee and slowly wraps two students from a secluded academy into a spiraling conspiracy to keep the world hidden from God’s influence and lock the human condition into a cold world of icy logic.

The Feast of 1000 Famines – Meteo Xavier returns to bookend the book for a date, a charity event and an assassination/vengeance plot all gone horribly wrong. Book ends on a relatively positive note, readers are satisfied, they recommend it to their friends, and life continues on as it should until the sun swallows the planet whole and everything we have lived and died for vanishes in a layer of chromosphere.

Westward HoesWestward Hoes
Edited by Rich Bottles Jr. & Gary Lee Vincent

Daring… Dueling… Disturbing… Damning

WANTED: Bizarro writers to provide their take on “How the West was Weird.”

Westward Hoes Press Release

Nine outlaw writers rode into town from obscurity to pen nine tantalizing tales of horror and fantasy, and leaving once they branded their own personal marks on the weird western genre and became living legends of the American Frontier experience.

Like drunken Indian scouts, the writers fervidly tracked down and captured the Western genre, tore off its fashionable veneer and ravished its exposed essence.

So belly up to the bar with your favorite soiled dove and enjoy perusing these thrilling tales of Old West debauchery, danger, and desire; compiled by the publisher of The Big Book of Bizarro and featuring the bizarro novella Big Trouble in Little Ass by Wol-vriey.

Stories include:

Demoneye by David J. Fairhead – A vengeful loner finds the courage to battle evil, but only after a few stiff drinks.

The Undesirable by Jessie J. Saxon – When a series of unsolved murders occurs, a small town sheriff discovers that he can’t just abandon his duty and run away from his problems.

The Tailsman by Gary Lee Vincent – A ladies’ man uses his unique charms to tame a wild beast and become a living legend.

The Man With Too Many Names by Kelly R. Martin – The more sinners that a holy man eliminates, the more heathens he seems to attract.

Just Enough Rope by Nelson W. Pyles – A bounty hunter must decide between claiming his bounty or hanging up his holster on the bed post of a bountiful beauty.

The Whore in the Mirror by Kimberly Bennett- A man tracks down his missing brother, straight into the deceitful arms of a narcissistic ne’er-do-well.

Succubi Sundown by Scott Emerson – An injured and delirious gunslinger finds comfort, peace, and faith at a strange desert oasis.

A Town Called Rupture by Rich Bottles Jr. – Twin philanthropists try to bring together a town divided by greed and hate.

Big Trouble In Little Ass: A Novella by Wol-vriey - Download the eBook today for only $0.99!

Big Trouble In Little Ass: A Novella by Wol-vriey – Download the eBook today for only $0.99!

Big Trouble in Little Ass a novella by Wol-vriey – A hired assassin realizes that desperate times call for desperate measures and that only the love of a beautiful woman can save him.

WARNING: These adult western tales are intended for… ahem… ‘mature’ audiences.


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